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Newsletter November 2018

Newsletter November 2018

Dear reader,

Please find below the November 2018 Newsletter from Ecopreneur, the European Federation of Sustainable Business.

We hope you enjoy reading it and let’s keep in touch!

Kind regards,
The Ecopreneur Team.

In This Issue 


          In This Issue 

  • What’s new in Brussels?
  • Check out your Circularity
  • European Commission focus on textiles
  • Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy


Give it a try: Ecopreneur launches user-friendly and free online Circularity Check

Keep Up With Us

Welcome to our November newsletter!

Dear reader,

Please find below the November 2018 Newsletter from Ecopreneur, the European Federation of Sustainable Business.

We hope you enjoy reading it and let’s keep in touch!

Kind regards,
The Ecopreneur Team

What’s new in Brussels?

Ecopreneur co-signed three letters from different NGOs and industry coalitions advocating strengthening of circular economy and climate policies:

  • A letter from BreakFree-From-Plastics and Rethink Plastics coalition calling for the implementation of the recent proposal of the European Commission to reduce disposable plastics. The NGO letter and Ecopreneur’s position on Single-Use-Plastics can be found here >>
  • A letter from ECOS with a plea for the immediate action with the EU policy for Ecodesign. This in response to counter-lobby activities of industries.
  • A letter from the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group with a plea for strong climate policy. This in response to recently exposed attempts by European industry to weaken EU climate policy.

Ecopreneur has been selected as an official member of the Ecodesign and Energy labelling Consultation Forum (EELCF) of the European Commission. A first meeting of the Forum will be planned in the last quarter of 2018 or early 2019, during which the Rules of Procedure for this expert group will be discussed and adopted. Ecopreneur looks forward to participating in the Forum to discuss how circular design can be fostered by introducing minimum requirements for resource efficiency for all end products in the Ecodesign directive. The official webpage of this Forum can be found here >>>

Ecopreneur urges EU to create clean circles
In response to a public consultation on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation, Ecopreneur has urged to EU to prevent substances of very high concern (SVHC) from being used in products on the EU market. The sooner companies stop using them, the sooner we can create a circular economy, which consists of clean circles.

Ecopreneur participated in a panel discussion at the EU Circular Business Conference on 26 September in Brussels. In a working session on Circular products design, Arthur ten Wolde urged for expansion of the current Ecodesign Directive from energy efficiency to resource efficiency for all the products.

Check out your Circularity
The interest in the circular economy is growing. More and more companies across Europe are pursuing to deliver sustainable and resource-efficient or “circular” products and services. But what exactly does “circular” mean? How do you measure it?

Ecopreneur launches online Circularity Check
Ecopreneur has launched a user-friendly Circularity Check, a free online tool with a questionnaire of about 60 questions that determines a circularity score for a specific product and/or service, in cooperation with MVO Nederland and WeSustain. More information, as well as the tool, can be found here >>

European Commission focus on textile
A rising subject on the European Commission’s circular economy agenda is textile production and consumption. Transforming the industry into a circular textiles economy requires system-level change with an unprecedented degree of commitment, collaboration, and innovation. Recent initiatives show a growing awareness and commitment. However, real policy drivers are missing. A key question is which governmental policies will support the textile industry’s transition to circular. Ecopreneur is involved from the angle of our business perspective on systems change.

Ecopreneur launches online Circularity Check
Ecopreneur holds Circular Fashion Policy Lab
On the 24th of May, C&A Foundation, together with Ecopreneur.EU and the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) hosted a Circular Fashion Policy Lab at the Europan Economic and Social Committee (EESC) in Brussels. Read more about this event >>

Ecopreneur also participated in the first CEO Agenda Roundtable Meeting of the Global Fashion Agenda with the European Commission. It seems like textile production and utilization will be the next priority for the European circular economy policies.

Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy

Wonderful conference and inspiring people. UN Women, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, organized the national forum on “Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy in Albania”.

Juliane Reiber on behalf of Ecopreneur took a part in the Albanian forum on Social Entrepreneurship and Green Economy. The main focus of this conference was introducing the most successful European practices, and invigorating and informing stakeholders through dialogue platforms with successful European social enterprises. Some other issues and discussed topics can be found

here >>

About Us, the European Sustainable Business Federation, sets a course towards sustainable economic policies on the European level to support the economic and societal transformation across Europe and beyond. is a non-profit non-governmental organisation under Belgian law. The federation unites business associations from different EU member states. Through these associations strengthen the voice of sustainable business in Brussels. Under the roof of Ecopreneur over 3000 businesses are represented, mostly SMEs, that strive to deliver sustainable products and services.

The organisation is quickly growing and now holds seven member associations: from Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and Hungary.

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