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VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Circularity Check “Train The Trainer” Online Workshop On November 18, 2020

VIDEO NOW AVAILABLE: Circularity Check “Train the trainer” online workshop on November 18, 2020



A video registration of this workshop explaining the use of the Circularity Checklist can be viewed here. `
Also, you can still register for the use of the Circularity Check and get started!, the Estonian Responsible Business Forum and sustainability software company WeSustain are happy to invite you to a Circularity Check “Train the trainer” webinar. It will take place on Wednesday November 18, 2020 at 15:00 – 16:30 CET. Are you working with or for SMEs or leading companies to make their products more circular? To what extent are the current products circular and sustainable, if at all? And what can be done to make them (more) circular? Those are some crucial questions the Circularity Check helps answering with a hands-on checklist developed for SMEs.

Building on two earlier Circularity Check shorter webinars and one live workshop in Amsterdam in 2018 and 2019, Arthur ten Wolde from Nederland and Alice Drooghmans from WeSustain will now hold a 1,5 hour online workshop. The workshop is intended for everyone interested in measuring circularity in companies, including the 500+ existing users, while aiming for an audience of trainers and consultants working with SMEs on circular design and the introduction of low-carbon circular business models. The idea for this workshop arose from interest in the Check from our co-organiser the Responsible Business Forum in Estonia. See below for the program of the workshop.

The Circularity Check is a free online scan with a questionnaire of about 60 questions that determines a circularity score for a specific product and/or service in any sector. It was developed by Ecopreneur and MVO Nederland as a self-assessment tool for SMEs and large companies. Thanks to partner company WeSustain it was programmed for free.

If you are not yet using the Circularity Check, it is recommended to also register for the Circularity Check itself well in advance of the workshop. You can do this at any day. This will allow you to try it both before and during the workshop, and raise any questions arising from the use. Since registration for the Circularity Check itself typically takes 24 hours, registration during the workshop will not be possible. You can register here for the Circularity Check.

Circularity Check Online Workshop 2020: Wednesday, November 18, 2020 15:00 PM – 16:30 PM CET


15:00 Opening by Arthur ten Wolde,

15:05 Presentation of the Circularity Check, by Arthur ten Wolde and Alice Drooghmans, WeSustain

  • What is the Circular Economy
  • How to measure circularity
  • Examples of other existing tools
  • Explanation of the Circularity Check
  • Demonstration of the use of the Circularity Check

15:45 Interactive

  • Q&A
  • Interactive further demonstration

16:30 Closing with request for feedback


Arthur ten Wolde is the executive director of, the European Sustainable Business Federation of which UnternehmensGrün is a founding member. Ecopreneur represents about 3000 businesses in six member states, mostly SMEs, which strive to deliver sustainable products and services. Arthur is internationally recognised as a circular economy expert, motivational speaker and (co-)author of several reports and numerous articles

in magazines. In addition, he is a member of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform Coordination Group (ECESP-CG), the EU policy expert for MVO Nederland, Trainer Circular Design for CIRCO and Head and Owner of Circular Future. Arthur worked earlier for various employers including the Dutch Industry Confederation VNO-NCW. He has a Ph.D. in experimental physics and is certified polymer technologist.






Alice Drooghmans responsible for International New Business Development at WeSustain. As an independent expert in Sustainable Business Development and Sustainable Finance (ESG), over the last 10 years Alice has been assisting companies and organisations in the field of sustainable development looking at trends, upcoming regulations and international frameworks (SDGs, UN PRI etc.) and their impact on business opportunities. Next to responsible investments and digitisation for sustainable business management (e.g. via Sustainability Management Software), the circular economy gains momentum for both the real economy and financial sector and became one of the main topics she is currently working on. She is a Training partner for the German Sustainability Code and a member of various German sustainability networks and initiatives. 












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