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Make Yourself Heard In The European Social Enterprise Monitor!

Make yourself heard in the European Social Enterprise Monitor!

European Social Enterprise Monitor now open for input

Social enterprises, have you already made your voice heard in the European Social Enterprise Monitor (ESEM) study? The outcome of the study will help close data gaps and summarise the needs and barriers of social entrepreneurs across Europe!

Now what is a “social enterprise”? This turns out to be a company not focusing on profit, but aiming for societal impact first. This implies taking the environment and the social dimension of sustainability into account as part of your strategy. The monitor was launched by the Euclid Network, that partnered with to increase the feedback from’s 3,000 member companies in 6 EU member states – our companies being committed to deliver sustainable products and services. In addition, we hope to reach many more social enterprises in our broader network.

Click here to fill out the monitor. Thanks in advance! 

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