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News: Appeal to the Portuguese EU Presidency: Now is the time to support green SMEs (, 15 December 2020)

News: European SMEs urge Poland and Hungary to adopt the EU budget and recovery fund (, 3 December 2020)

News: advocates minimum requirements for circular design of all end products and services (, 13 November 2020)

Video: new YouTube channel: Event Highlights (, 12 November 2020)

Video: SMEs on stage at the Plastic Free World Conference 2020: Creating the right framework for circular models (, 10 November 2020)

Video: Four workshops facilitated by at the European 2020 Circular Economy Conference (, 4 November 2020)

News: advocates rapid implementation of a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism to end unfair competition (, 28 October 2020)

News: Make yourself heard in the European Social Enterprise Monitor! (, 9 October 2020)

Video: Circularity Check “Train the trainer” online workshop (, 8 October 2020)

Video: ICIS Recycling & Sustainability Virtual Festival: “A new model: economic incentives for a circular polymer industry”(, 5 October 2020)

Video: “New business models: From niche to mainstream” at the 5th International Conference on New Business Models” (, 1 October 2020)

News: Green Alley Award 2020/2021 competition started (, 16 September 2020)

News: WCEF Side Event: Driving Public Policy to create a Circular Economy in the EU and North America (, 14 September 2020)

News: advocates circular acceleration houses for SMEs in all EU regions (, 10 September 2020)

News: recommends mandatory life cycle assessments to substantiate green claims (, 31 August 2020)

News: ECESP paper on economic incentives published ( and ECESP Leadership Group, 18 August 2020)

Blog: How can Voluntary Agreements and Action accelerate Circular Fashion? (, 16 June 2020)

Feedback to the European Commission: feedback on Consultation on the renewed sustainable finance strategy / Taxonomy (, 15 July 2020)

Ecopreneur Letter: Ecopreneur’s priorities for the German presidency of the European Union (, 28 May 2020)

News: joins European Green Recovery Alliance (, 5 May 2020)

News: established a partnership with the American Sustainable Business Council ( and American Sustainable Business Council, 29 April 2020)

News: supports raising the EU’s emissions reduction target for 2030 (, 15 April 2020)

News: welcomes greening of crisis recovery plan (, 10 April 2020)

News: supports raising the EU’s emissions reduction target for 2030 (, 5 April 2020)

Blog: How trade agreements can contribute to creating a global circular fashion economy (, 1 April 2020)

News: welcomes new Circular Economy Action Plan but misses 11 key elements (, 26 March 2020)

Blog: How can we create a strong regulatory framework for circular fashion? (, 6 March 2020)

Press Release and Research Note: “Circular Fashion and textile producing countries” (, 27 February 2020)

Blog: Five economic incentives that can revolutionise the fashion sector (, 5 Februar 2020)

News: Successful ECESP Meeting in the European Parliament (, 29 January 2020)

Ecopreneur Feedback: Call for Circular Economy Action Plan with increased economic incentives (, 20 January 2020)

Blog: Five ways innovation policies can accelerate circular fashion (, 14 January 2020)

Vlog: Four priorities for circular economy policy at EU project concluding conference (, 7 January 2020)

News: EU Sustainable Finance Rulebook breakthrough for investments in climate goals (, 20 December 2019) Letter: Green companies urge EU to implement Green Deal with strong price incentives (, 10 December 2019)

Blog: 3 Best practices from The Netherlands for a European Circular Economy (, 22 November 2019)

News: EU Sustainable Finance Plan risks harming green SMEs (, 19 November 2019)

Position Paper and Press Release: What is needed to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals? (, 15 November 2019)

Blog: How a circular fashion economy can tackle climate change (, 13 November 2019)

Vlog:’s core message for European circular economy policies at the R2Pi Brussels (, 24 October 2019)

Press Release: Strong Circular Economy policies needed to meet the climate goals (, 26 September 2019)

Position Paper and Press Release: Strong Circular Economy policies needed to meet the climate goals (, 26 September 2019)

Press Release: supports climate strikes #ClimateForFuture (, 20 September 2019)

Press Release and Report “Circular Economy Update report 2019” (, 2 September 2019)

News: Ecopreneur’s proposals on circular fashion very well received from the European Commission during the ““European Forum on Eco-innovation” (, 15 May 2019)

Press Release and Report “Circular Fashion Advocacy – A Strategy Towards a Circular Fashion Industry in Europe” ( for C&A Foundation, 28 March 2019)

News, Position and EU Survey Response to the public consultation on the EU product policy: Price as the ultimate label., 23 January 2019)

News, Position and Response to the EU Open Consultation on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation (, 26 October 2018)

Press Release: Ecopreneur launches online Circularity Check (, 25 October 2018)

News: Ecopreneur supports NGO letter to curb single-use plastics (, September 7, 2018)

News: Ecopreneur holds Circular Fashion Policy Lab (, 24 May 2018)

Article: EUropainfo-2-18 – Creating circular hubs in the EU (Umweltdachverband, Austria, June 2018)

Position: Ecopreneur welcomes European Commission proposal on single-use plastics (, 30 May 2018)

Position: welcomes European Commission proposal on VAT as a crucial measure to boost the circular economy (, 22 May 2018)

Position: Plastics Strategy of the European Commission requires ambitious implementation (, 19 February 2018)

Press Release: First announcement Circularity Check (, 30 January 2018)

Presentation: Cohesion policy & the Circular Economy, Stakeholder meeting of the REGI Working group of the European Greens/EFA, Brussels (, 20 November 2017)

Presentation: What circular economy means for European businesses, Circular Hungary Conference, 2 June 2017; also facilitated a CIRCO mini-workshop on Circular design with Jeroen Hinfelaar (Nuovalente). See here for a photo impression

Video: Presentation “Challenges of the Circular Journey” at the 2nd Circular Change Conference, Slovenia (, 12 May 2017)

Business Manifesto: Companies call upon the G20 to seize the circular economy momentum (May 2017) – For the actual version including additional co-signees click here.

Position: Ecopreneur Response and position on the EU Open consultation on Reform of VAT rates (March 2017)

Position: comments on the draft standard for circular economy from the British Standards Institute, including input concerning Circular Business Models (January 2017)

Citation: Business seeks circular economy boost from VAT reform (ENDS Europe, January 2017)

Live video registration: Participation from the audience (at 40”) in meeting on Ecodesign by the Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES), of which De Groene Zaak is a member (9 November 2016)

Presentation: Circular Tourism, at the International Conference on Green and Accessible Tourism, Split, Croatia (3-4- November 2016)

Meeting Summary: Mainline summary by the EEAC Network and the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Raad voor de Leefomgeving en Infrastructuur, Rli) of their meeting “Circular economy: from wish to practice”, Circular economy working group, Brussels, including contributions of Marjolein Demmers and Arthur ten Wolde (13 September 2016)

Opinion: Germany must change stance on opposition to recycling targets, By Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl and Arthur ten Wolde, in: Euractiv (7 October 2016)

Article: Governments as drivers for a circular economy, ICE Journal Waste and Resource Management (3 October 2016). Click here for a free draft version Position on the draft Simona Bonafè report on amendment of the Waste Directive (June 2016)

Position: Extended producer responsibility (EPR) crucial for circular economy (revised December 2017)

Presentation summarising our position (March 2016)

Press Release: Circular Economy Pioneers ask for strengthening the Circular Economy package (January 2016)

Position Paper: Ambitious targets and consumer incentives needed for circular economy (Dec 2015)

Blog: Sustainable business asks for EU directive to boost Circular Design (Euractive Guest blog Dec 2015)

Report: Boosting Circular Design for a Circular Economy (Dec 2015)

Article: Strengthen circular economy package with economic incentives, Values to Guide Economies, p. 60-61 (Global Economic Symposium GES, Kiel, Nov 2015)

– De Groene Zaak’s Response on 2015 public consultation on the circular economy by the European Commission (June 2015)

Press Release: Business frontrunners call for strengthened circular economy package (May 2015)

Manifesto: “More prosperity, new jobs” (May 2015)

Governments Go Circular (2015)

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