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Press release and report “Circular Fashion Advocacy – A Strategy Towards a Circular Fashion Industry in Europe (Ecopreneur for C&A Foundation, 28 March 2019)
News, Position and EU Survey response to the public consultation on the EU product policy: Price as the ultimate label. Ecopreneur, 23 January 2019)
News: Ecopreneur urges EU to prevent substances of very high concern from entering the EU market (Ecopreneur, 25 October 2018)
Press Release: Ecopreneur launches online Circularity Check (Ecopreneur, 25 October 2018)
News: Ecopreneur supports NGO letter to curb single-use plastics (September 7, 2018)
– News: Ecopreneur holds Circular Fashion Policy Lab, 24 May 2018
Article: EUropainfo-2-18 – Creating circular hubs in the EU (Umweltdachverband, Austria, June 2018)
Position: Ecopreneur welcomes European Commission proposal on single-use plastics (Ecopreneur, 30 May 2018)
Position: welcomes European Commission proposal on VAT as a crucial measure to boost the circular economy (Ecopreneur, 22 May 2018)
Position: Plastics Strategy of the European Commission requires ambitious implementation (Ecopreneur, 19 February 2018)
Press release: First announcement Circularity Check, Ecopreneur, 30 January 2018
Presentation: Cohesion policy & the Circular Economy, Stakeholder meeting of the REGI Working group of the European Greens/EFA, Brussels (20 November 2017)
Presentation: What circular economy means for European businesses, Circular Hungary Conference, 2 June 2017; also facilitated a CIRCO mini-workshop on Circular design with Jeroen Hinfelaar (Nuovalente). See here for a photo impression
– Live video registration: Presentation “Challenges of the Circular Journey” at the 2nd Circular Change Conference, Slovenia,12 May 2017
– Business Manifesto: Companies call upon the G20 to seize the circular economy momentum (May 2017) – For the actual version including additional co-signees click here.
Position: Ecopreneur Response and position on the EU Open consultation on Reform of VAT rates (March 2017)
Position: comments on the draft standard for circular economy from the British Standards Institute, including input concerning Circular Business Models (January 2017)
– Citation: Business seeks circular economy boost from VAT reform (ENDS Europe, January 2017)
– Live video registration: Participation from the audience (at 40”) in meeting on Ecodesign by the Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES), of which De Groene Zaak is a member (9 November 2016)
Presentation: Circular Tourism, at the International Conference on Green and Accessible Tourism, Split, Croatia (3-4- November 2016)
Meeting Summary: Mainline summary by the EEAC Network and the Dutch Council for the Environment and Infrastructure (Raad voor de Leefomgeving en Infrastructuur, Rli) of their meeting “Circular economy: from wish to practice”, Circular economy working group, Brussels, including contributions of Marjolein Demmers and Arthur ten Wolde (13 September 2016)
– Opinion: Germany must change stance on opposition to recycling targets, By Alyssa Jade McDonald-Baertl and Arthur ten Wolde, in: Euractiv (7 October 2016)
– Article: Governments as drivers for a circular economy, ICE Journal Waste and Resource Management (3 October 2016). Click here for a free draft version Position on the draft Simona Bonafè report on amendment of the Waste Directive (June 2016)
Position: Extended producer responsibility crucial for circular economy (revised December 2017)
Presentation summarising our position (March 2016)
Press Release: Circular Economy Pioneers ask for strengthening the Circular Economy package (January 2016)
Position Paper: Ambitious targets and consumer incentives needed for circular economy (Dec 2015)
– Blog post: Sustainable business asks for EU directive to boost Circular Design (Euractive Guest blog Dec 2015)
Report: Boosting Circular Design for a Circular Economy (Dec 2015)
Article: Strengthen circular economy package with economic incentives, Values to Guide Economies, p. 60-61 (Global Economic Symposium GES, Kiel, Nov 2015)
– De Groene Zaak’s response on 2015 public consultation on the circular economy by the European Commission (June 2015)
Press Release: Business frontrunners call for strengthened circular economy package (May 2015)
Manifesto: “More prosperity, new jobs” (May 2015)
– Governments Go Circular (2015)

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