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German Project on Implementation of SDGs in SMEs

UnternehmensGrün, the German member of, manages a project “SDGs praxisnah umsetzen” (how to practically implement the SDGs). The project focuses on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that are strongly interested in sustainability performance. Increasingly entrepreneurs are looking for guidance on how to implement the SDGs in their businesses.

The project organizes the transfer of expertise and develops measures that consider entrepreneurial reality and provide viable suggestions.

The project is focusing on the following five SDGs that are of practical importance for small and medium-sized businesses:

Process and milestones:

During the scope of the project, a network of businesses is established working on the issues with UnternehmensGrün. The goal is to develop a model for entrepreneurs, on how selected SDGs can be implemented into their businesses. There is a wide range of (environment) management systems in businesses as well as many different opportunities for sustainability reporting. The network discusses and examines possibilities to what extend SDGs can be integrated into their businesses. Also, the question of how existing systems can be adapted and adjusted towards archiving the SDGs, needs to be answered.

Some of the milestones in the project are events, which are devoting to the five chosen SDGs. The Handout #HowTo “SDGs praxisnah umsetzen” will be published. The results of the project will be presented at a conference. 

The project “SDGs praxisnah umsetzen” (1.03.2018 – 31.12.2019) is supported with funds of the Federal Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conversation and Nuclear Safety (BMUB), on the basis of a resolution passed by the German Federal Parliament.

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