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European Action Plan For Social Economy Should Reflect Convergence With “green”

European action plan for social economy should reflect convergence with “green”

Representing almost 3000 green companies throughout the EU, most of them SMEs, believes that the European Action Plan for a Social Economy should reflect the convergence between “green” and “social” enterprises, demand 100% green (read: sustainability) conditions on EU support via the European Recovery Plan, and ambitious implementation of the European Green Deal with all its components.

This in response to a call for feedback by the European Commission on their plan for social economy. 

Until recently, the “social economy” and the “green economy” were thought of as distinct areas. They are however increasingly connected and suffering from the same barriers to mainstream sustainable solutions, i.e. positive-impact products and services for people, planet and profit. therefore has various recommendations, including 100% green conditions on EU support via the European Recovery Plan. At present, only 37% of the support is labelled as “green”, and in practice many member states have hardly implemented any green conditions at all. Simple logic implies that the EU is effectively supporting the high- carbon linear economy. Sustainability conditions to 100% of EU support to beneficiaries could be applied in many ways, such as focusing investments on green activities following the classification in the new EU Taxonomy Rulebook; ending fossil fuel subsidies; demanding the implementation of green reform, or at least of a green sector roadmap, to be implemented between now and 2030.

In addition, we recommend ambitious implementation of the European Green Deal, Strengthening the role of SMEs via Circularity Hubs, strong economic incentives, and minimum requirements for sustainable design for all waste-intensive end products.

Read our full feedback to the European Commission.

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