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Are you interested to join You can find more information here. There are several ways to join, be part of the network and support our work.

What kind of organizations can become a member of
    • Membership is possible for non-governmental organizations, non-profit associations, networks and alike.
    • Members must be legal entities in their own right.
    • Members have been set-up with the intention to operate long-term and have been founded according to the national law of the country where they are registered.
    • Membership is not possible for: single enterprises or individual persons.
Mission & Vision of new members organizations:

Striving to implement/accelerate/facilitate:

    • Transformation of the economy towards sustainability.
    • Green/circular businesses and entrepreneurs.
    • Sustainable development.
    • Represent green SMEs and pioneering companies.
    • Work on national level in bringing forward sustainability/green economy via political advocacy work and/or sustainability-related projects involving societal actors/stakeholders.
Organizational Set-Up of

Our current member organisations UnternehmensGrün (Germany), Grüne Wirtschaft (Austria), Entreprendre Vert (France), MVO Nederland (Netherlands), and Sustainable Economy Association (Belgium):

    • are non-governmental organizations/non-profit associations,
    • represent sustainable/green/circular SMEs and entrepreneurs in their individual countries,
    • have sustainable/green SMEs and entrepreneurs as members (usually with paid membership).
Criteria for SMEs/large companies joining national member organizations

Most members of Ecopreneur have a very similar application and admission procedure:

  • written application,
  • agree to the statutes of the national member/charter of values/vision,
  • agree to the aims/goals and if politically active, to the main political demands,
  • the application for membership has to be reviewed and accepted by the board,
  • pay a membership fee,
  • a so-called “blacklist” is used to assess and identify unfitting enterprises:

“Companies and organisations in the following areas are excluded from membership or partnership: Weapons, nuclear power and fossil fuels, agro-genetic engineering, tobacco, gambling industry. Furthermore, companies that do not clearly distance themselves from child and forced labour, companies that are lobbying in favour of waste incineration plants. There must not have been any formal due diligence complaints from civil society against the applicants in the last 24 months. Also excluded are companies that fail to meet their tax obligations conscientiously and responsibly at their registered office and/or in the market area whose infrastructure they use.”

Criteria for SMEs/large companies joining the EU Circular Economy Advocacy Group

Pioneering companies, both large and SMEs, can also become a partner of MVO Nederland and in the context of the EU Circular Economy Advocacy Project. This project is run by MVO Nederland in close cooperation with Ecopreneur.

In addition to the “sustainability criteria” as outlined under 2.), companies that wish to join this group must:

  • agree with the actions outlined in the Annual Project Plan
  • be prepared to do the Ecopreneur Circularity Check (once launched) for one of their products/services
  • for large corporations: send in
      • a recent CSR/sustainability or integrated report,
      • a list of circular economy activities in the last 2 years.
Interested to become a member? Please email us:
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