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ABOUT ECOPRENEUR.EU, the European Sustainable Business Federation, sets a course towards sustainable economic policies on the European level to support the economic and societal transformation across Europe and beyond. is a non-profit non-governmental organisation under Belgian law. The federation presently holds seven member associations from different countries of the European Union. Through these associations strengthen the voice of sustainable business in Brussels. Under the roof of Ecopreneur about 3000 businesses are represented, mostly SMEs, that strive to deliver sustainable products and services.

ADVOCACY works at the European level on advocacy for a sustainable economy. We focus our work on Circular Economy, Sustainable Development Goals and Financing. Our positions are based on a systemic, cross sectoral perspective. is the voice of sustainable businesses all across Europe and brings in their expertise and knowledge, showing what needs to be done on EU policy level for enabling sustainable economic change.


Take a look at what our experts and eco-enterpreneurs share about their learnings how to be(come) circular, sustainable and successful.


See our newsletters, addressing the ground transformation towards a sustainable economy.


Ecopreneur’s position papers address various aspects relevant for a sustainable economy in Europe.

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