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The Netherlands: MVO Nederland is the largest network of sustainable businesses in The Netherlands. For a sustainable economy, the current system needs to change fundamentally. MVO Netherlands encourages and supports entrepreneurs to contribute to this system change. We also advocate to make sustainable entrepreneurship the standard in government policy.


France: Entreprendre Vert (founded 2005) is the French Green Business and Entrepreneurs’ Association. It aims at promoting a more sustainable economy through an open, non-profit network.

Logo Coalition Ecopreneur Kaya

Belgium: In 2022, Ecopreneur Belgium merged with KAYA into “Kaya, the Belgian Coalition of Ecopreneurs”, with the mission to to accelerate the economic transition towards a carbon-neutral, inclusive, sustainable economy.


Austria: Grüne Wirtschaft (founded 1999) is the organisation of green entrepreneurs and freelancers in Austria. It represents the interests of more than 650 members. The association is active in the green fraction of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber.


Germany: BNW Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft (earlier called UnternehmensGrün, founded 1992) is an ecologically oriented entrepreneurs’ association.

Sweden: CirEko, the Business Community’s Arena for Circular Business, is a non-for-profit network organisation that aims to facilitate the business community’s transition from the linear to a circular economy.

Estonia: The Responsible Business Forum in Estonia brings together enterprises for whom it is important to ensure the sustainability of their company, society and country. The network has 78 members including businesses and social enterprises.

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