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European Impact Hero 2021 – And The Winner Is…

European Impact Hero 2021 – And the winner is…

One important part of our mission at is to bring sustainable pioneers together while advocating better market conditions for them to thrive. Just like we did at this year’s “European Impact Hero”, an accelerator programme organized by the Center for Open Social Innovation and Social Entrepreneurship.

The accelerator offers European impact-driven start-ups in the fields of climate, circular economy and sustainable supply chains personal coaching by experts from SAP, Microsoft, AUDI and Volkswagen. With the support of our German member BNW e. V., as part of the jury sponsored the winner of the “Impact Hero Award” with €5.000 of prize money. Congratulations to Mike Davies and his company BEF, a digital platform designed “to scale up nature-based asset markets”!

Like so many start-ups, one of BEF’s main challenges is to raise awareness of their solution in a competitive market. For this reason, Mike will use the prize money from to implement an awareness campaign, build partnerships with globally known organizations and have them participate in pilots.

Have a look at the solutions of BEF and the other nine start-ups of this year’s Impact Hero Programme at

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