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The New EU Waste Framework Directive Must Boost Circular Design, Durability, Reuse And Recyclability Of Products

The new EU Waste Framework Directive must boost circular design, durability, reuse and recyclability of products

An ambitious review the Waste Framework Directive (WFD) is fundamental for reducing waste and improving waste collection to prevent primary resources from being lost at industrial scale. In a position paper shared with European lawmakers on behalf of our sustainable member organisations,, we emphasise that a meaningful revision must support circular product design, quality (durability), reuse and recyclability.

By addressing issues that currently hamper circular models based on repair and refurbishment, reuse, sharing and high-quality recycling, the amended law could boost the market for secondary materials which is essential for achieving Europe’s circular economy objectives.

In principle, we believe that the EU waste hierarchy and the polluter-pays principles must be at the heart of any European waste legislation. The focus of the review therefore should be on the prevention rather than the recycling of waste and turn the current “Waste Framework Directive” into a “Secondary Materials Management Framework Directive”.

Read the full position paper and the policy instruments necessary for achieving these goals HERE. For our feedback to the EU Open Consultation Survey see HERE.

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