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Grüne Wirtschaft Demands Full Support For A Circular Economy

Grüne Wirtschaft demands full support for a Circular Economy

28-06-2018, Vienna, Austria

During the last session of the “Economic Parliament” of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber Grüne Wirtschaft advocated for a Circular Economy as one of the upcoming key projects in Europe. The transition needs commitment from all sides, especially from entrepreneurs and enterprises. Therefore Grüne Wirtschaft presented a resolution to the assembly, asking for full support of the Economic Chamber for the Circular Economy as a key concept of a sustainable economic system.
The resolution was passed unanimously by all members of the Economic parliament.

Grüne Wirtschaft will continue to ask for concrete actions especially under the upcoming Austrian EU presidency, as the Austrian government has claimed that Circular Economy will be prominently on its EU agenda.

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce has more than 500.000 members. Every single person who is entitled to operate an independent business venture is a member of the Federal Economic Chamber under Austrian law, membership is compulsory. The representatives are elected every five years, different political groups are running for election
Grüne Wirtschaft represents especially small enterprises and works for the transition to a ecologically and socially sustainable economy.

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