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Circularity Check Webinars And Workshop

Circularity Check webinars and workshop

The first Circularity Check webinar was successfully held on Tuesday, 4 December. It was organised by WeSustain, and MVO Nederland. A workshop and follow-up webinar are planned. 

The Circularity Check is a free online scan tool with a questionnaire of about 60 questions for SMEs and companies. It determines a circularity score for a specific product and/or service in any sector. The outcome of the check is a % that indicates how circular the product/ service is.

What exactly was discussed during the 45-minute session? Participants had a chance to get practical information and instructions on how to use the new tool effectively and how to gain from it the most. Presentation of the Circularity Check was followed by a demonstration with a guidance on the use of the questionnaire. And of course, at the end of the webinar there was a room for questions and feedback.

Those who missed still have a chance to take a part in a follow-up webinar. It will take place on Tuesday, 22 of January. More information will follow. What is more, those living in the Netherlands can also join the first Circularity Check workshop. It will take place on Tuesday, 15 January, 9:00 – 11:00 at Circl, Gustav Mahlerlaan 1B, Amsterdam. Please register here.  

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