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How circular are the products and services your company puts on the market?

Click here to start the free Circularity Check for your product and/or service!

The Circularity Check is a free, online scan tool with a questionnaire of about 60 questions that determines a circularity score for a specific product and/or service. Is the product circular and sustainable, and if so, to what extent? A score is assigned to each question. The higher the score the better. The outcome of the check is a % that indicates how circular your product/service is. The Check also provides partial scores on design/procurement/manufacturing, delivery, use, recovery and sustainability.

The Circularity Check is primarily intended as a product-based tool for self-evaluation by companies, from SMEs to multinationals.

A video registration of a workshop explaining the use of the Circularity Checklist can be viewed here.

Your input and feedback are very welcome to help us to move on. For links to several other circular metrics tools click below on “Background”

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