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Ecopreneur Proposals Circular Fashion Very Well Received

Ecopreneur proposals circular fashion very well received

The policy proposals from Ecopreneur for circular fashion were very well received during the highly successful “European Forum on Eco-innovation” from the European Commission, which took place in Vienna on 7-8 May. The event focused on delivering circularity in the textiles sector.

During the conference, the recommendations for accelerating and mainstreaming circular fashion from the recent Ecopreneur report “Circular Fashion Advocacy” were presented at the start and discussed in the closing panel by Arthur ten Wolde. The participants, representing both the textile sector and circular economy experts, expressed their appreciation for the 5 pillars of innovation, economic incentives, regulation, trade and voluntary measures as a basis for policy making. A first conference summary confirms the importance of government intervention to provide enabling conditions, circular public procurement incentives (tax, addressing externalities, carefully designed EPR schemes etc.) and rules. The outcome will be worked out in a report as input for the new European Commission. Ecopreneur’s ambition for next year is to work with stakeholders towards a shared advocacy agenda for circular fashion.


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