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Ecopreneur Appoints New Executive Director

Ecopreneur appoints new executive director

The Ecopreneur Board has appointed Arthur ten Wolde as executive director of Ecopreneur.

Manfred Mühlberger, Chairman of Ecopreneur: “Arthur ten Wolde has already been working as our circular economy expert since the start in 2016. He will now work with the Board to expand and consolidate Ecopreneur as the political voice in Brussels representing green SMEs as well as leading companies. His predecessor Juliane Reiber will continue to work with us on outreach and project support.” Based in the Netherlands, Arthur is also an associated staff member of MVO Nederland, the Dutch member organisation of Ecopreneur. He is internationally recognised as a circular economy expert, motivational speaker and (co-)author of several reports, including two recent Ecopreneur reports, and numerous articles in magazines. Before, Arthur worked for De Groene Zaak, a Dutch think tank and the Dutch Industry Confederation VNO-NCW.

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