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New EU Textiles Strategy: Bold Policies Needed To Support SMEs With Circular Models

New EU Textiles Strategy: Bold policies needed to support SMEs with circular models

In a position paper, and its member organisations call on the European Commission to integrate a number of essential economic, regulatory and educational instruments into the new “EU Strategy for Sustainable Textiles”.

The goal of the forthcoming Strategy, which is due in autumn 2021, is to spur a carbon neutral circular economy where textiles are designed for durability, reuse, repair, recycling and energy-efficiency while discouraging over consumption patterns such as fast fashion.

To seize the unique opportunity that the European Recovery Plan represents for the economy, asks the Commission to create a level playing field based on True Pricing that vigorously promotes low-carbon circular business models as an accelerator for green recovery in general and the sustainable development of the textiles industry in particular.

The position paper stresses the key role of micro-, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), and the importance to grant special support to those practicing circular models such as reuse, repair, sharing and recycling. These companies have an important role model function in shifting the market towards a circular economy.

Read the full position paper HERE.

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