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European Parliament Calls For Tighter EU Consumption And Recycling Rules

European Parliament calls for tighter EU consumption and recycling rules

Photograph © European Union 2021 – EP/Alexis Haulot
On February 10, the European Parliament has adopted a report by MEP Jan Huitema (Renew) with calls for tighter EU consumption and recycling rules. greatly welcomes the report, which was written in response to the Circular Economy Action Plan from the European Commission. 
The Parliament’s proposed regulations will accelerate the transition to a low-carbon circular economy in various ways. Binding 2030 targets are needed for materials use and consumption footprint. The Ecodesign Directive must include non-energy-related products. The report confirms that the European Green Deal objectives can only be achieved through the circular economy model. “These are Important signal towards governments and companies”, says Manfred Mühlberger, Chairman of “ particularly welcomes that the explicit mentioning of eco-modulation of fees for extended producer responsibility (EPR), of circularity hubs in relation to the important role of SMEs for the circular economy, and of the need for overall environmental footprint reduction for chemical recycling”, add our Executive Director Arthur ten Wolde. calls for the European Commission and Council to amend and adopt the Circular Economy Action Plan accordingly, as soon as possible and without watering it down.
For the press release from the European Parliament click HERE.

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