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The French Presidency Has A Key Role To Play In The EU’s Green Transition

The French Presidency has a key role to play in the EU’s green transition

In a public communication, the European Sustainable Business Federation calls on President Emmanuel Macron to make best use of the French Presidency of the EU Council, starting in January 2022, by pushing on with the European Green Deal and NextGenerationEU green recovery strategies.

This implies that all related EU policies and measures ought to be ratified and implemented at Member State level without further delay, so that SMEs get the support they need to remain competitive while becoming more sustainable.

As points out in its letter, the French Presidency should seize the opportunity to make Europe emerge from the Corona crisis stronger, more solidary and sovereign than before, also in regard to climate protection and social justice:

“With the right actions, the French Presidency could help implement the “Green Deal” as the European strategy and hence contribute to a carbon neutral, inclusive and hence truly sustainable European economy.”

Read the full English copy of the letter, – for the French original version click HERE.

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