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The Circularity Check: Background

Please read this before you agree to the terms for use and go to the Checklist! 

The Circularity Check has been developed by Ecopreneur and MVO Nederland as a tool to assist companies including SMEs, to become a sustainable and circular or resource-efficient enterprise by developing circular products and services. The Circularity Check is primarily intended as an instrument for self-evaluation by companies, from SMEs to multinationals. MVO Nederland is the Dutch member of Ecopreneur. The Circularity Check was based on earlier offline versions that were tested in 2017 by Ecopreneur with a dozen green SMEs and pioneering companies, and in 2018 using live interviews with 11 SMEs in the Province of Friesland, the Netherlands. Various functions are not yet optimised, such as the lengthy two-step registration. We, therefore, welcome your feedback!

The tool was developed in cooperation with the companies WeSustain and Circular Future as a social project.

Links to several other non-for profit circular metrics tools for specific purposes can be found here:

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