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Paris/Brussels, Monday, June 27, 2016, During the 2016 General Assembly of in Paris, Europe’s six leading national green business associations were represented on the 24th and 25th of June to align their national lobby and business agendas finding many regulatory and functional business core issues in common., the European Sustainable Business Federation, was kindly hosted by the French member organization Entreprendre Vert, which is known for championing the French energy change and circular economy.

With Marjolein Demmers (President, The Netherlands), Alyssa Jade McDonald-Bärtl (Vice-President, Germany), Gael Guillou (Treasurer, Vice President, Belgium) and the other members of the executive board – Luis Morales Carballo (Spain), Frédéric Benhaim (France) and Volker Plass (Austria) the team underlined the core issues of SMEs with ethical and green orientation in Europe.

Lobby activities of for the rest of the year is focused on implementing the Paris Agreement and eco-innovation with functional projects occurring in each country like energy change, circular economy, mobility and modernising the tax system.

President Demmers said: “The voice of and for the green economy in Europe is beginning to assert”.  With concrete national obstacles of sustainable enterprises can be traced back to the European level and exchanges can be built among European players, as demonstrated by meetings in Brussels, Berlin, Vienna, and Paris that exact week. is recognised as the key voice for a sustainable economy in Europe by both business organisations such as local chambers of commerce, and also the political arena which calls on the group for expert advice and insights on the needs of small and mid-cap organisations in Europe regarding policy design.

Since the official founding press conference in Vienna in January 2015, has been active on the national and European level with, for example, giving expert input to the Green Action Plan for SMEs and the new legislation on circular economy. The association has since been constantly growing and presently holds six member associations: De Groene Zaak (Dutch Sustainable Business, Netherlands), SEA (Sustainable Economy Association, Belgium), UnternehmensGruen (Germany), ECOVE (Spanish Green Business Association), Gruene Wirtschaft (Austria) and Entreprendre Vert (France) representing together more than 2,000 sustainable companies in Europe.

Frédéric Benhaim, President of the Entreprendre Vert emphasized that it is an “Honor and a pleasure to be part of a positive project for the future economy and society”. This of special importance at a time when the European project is jeopardized. With the aims of, we affirm a positive future and a new sustainable economic model for Europe.


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