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Press release: First announcement Circularity Check

Brussels, Jan. 30th, 2018: How circular are the products and services your company puts on the market?, the European Sustainable Business Federation, is preparing the launch of a user-friendly and free Circularity Check in the form of an online questionnaire, in cooperation with CSR Netherlands / De Groene Zaak and Circular IQ. If this triggers your interest, please click here to sign up and get priority access to the Circularity Check directly after the official launch.

More and more companies across Europe are pursuing to become a sustainable and circular or resource-efficient enterprise. 2017 showed a clear demand for determining the degree of circularity of products, especially for procurement officials. The interest in the circular economy is illustrated by, for example, the Green Deals Circular Procurement in the Netherlands and Flanders, a new government program Circular Economy in Finland, the new EU Stakeholder Platform Circular Economy, and a growing interest among European member states.

But what exactly does “circular” mean? How do you measure circularity and resource efficiency? And what is the relationship with sustainability? These are the questions we started with in 2017. After a pilot round with a few large partner companies and a dozen SMEs, there is now a robust checklist ready for launch.

Based on just over 30 questions, the Circularity Check determines a circularity score for a specific product and / or service. Is it circular, and if so, to what extent? A sustainability check follows after the circular aspects. A score is assigned to each question. The higher the score the better. The outcome of the check is a % that indicates how circular your product / service is.

The Circularity Check is primarily intended as an instrument for self-evaluation by companies, from SMEs to multinationals. We are working hard on the preparation of the launch.

  • Click here if you want to be among the first to start working with the Circularity Check


European Sustainable Business Federation sets a course toward sustainable economic policies on the European level to support the economic and societal ransformation across Europe and beyond. aims at opening solidified structures and brings sustainable matters to European policy makers. Formally founded in 2016, is quickly growing and now holds seven associations from different countries of the European Union. Under the roof of, more than 2500 green, circular and sustainable businesses are represented, mostly SMEs. The companies are all truly ethical businesses striving for offering sustainable products and services. CSR Netherlands / De Groene Zaak is a member of

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