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Newsletter January 2019

Newsletter January 2019


          In This Issue 

  • What’s new in Brussels?
  • Update on the Ban of single-use plastics
  • urges tax policy voting reform
  • Invitation: The Circularity Check webinar on 22 of January

            Highlight welcomes new directive for single-use plastics

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Welcome to our January newsletter!

Dear reader,

Please find below the January 2019 Newsletter from, the European Federation of Sustainable Business.

We hope you enjoy reading it and let’s keep in touch!

Kind regards,
The Ecopreneur Team

What’s new in Brussels?

Repair before recycling confirmed by European governments is happy with the decision made by European governments to compel manufacturers to make refrigerators more easily repairable. The Commission has reviewed and analysed the technical, environmental and economic aspects of refrigerating appliances and published a draft implementing regulation. This is just a first step, more changes are coming. Read more about it here>>

Update on the Ban of single-use plastics welcomes new directive for single-use plastics welcomes the final decision of the European Council and Parliament concerning restrictions on a range of disposable plastic products. On Wednesday morning December 19, 2018, a legislative text was finally accepted after a long-term decision-making process. More information can be found here >>


Single Use Plastics Directive does not threaten internal market

Back in November published its opinion article where the “threat” for industries coming with Single Use Plastics Directive was considered. Ноw and why it became an issue of unnecessary worry can be found here >> urges tax policy voting reform Move to quality majority voting on certain tax matters including the VAT has filed its feedback on the public consultation concerning the European Commission’s Communication on a Roadmap for Taxation – more efficient EU law-making procedures. We urge the next European Commission to move from consensus to majority voting for deciding on certain tax matters including the Value Added Tax (VAT). More information can be found here >>

Circularity Check: webinar and workshop

Invitation: The Circularity Check webinar on 22 of January, MVO Nederland and WeSustain are happy to invite you to another Circularity Check webinar. It will take place on 22 of January 2019 at 10:00 CET. There is no registration. More information about it can be found here>>

About Us, the European Sustainable Business Federation, sets a course towards sustainable economic policies on the European level to support the economic and societal transformation across Europe and beyond. is a non-profit non-governmental organisation under Belgian law. The federation unites business associations from different EU member states. Through these associations strengthen the voice of sustainable business in Brussels. Under the roof of Ecopreneur over 3000 businesses are represented, mostly SMEs, that strive to deliver sustainable products and services.

The organisation is quickly growing and now holds seven member associations: from Germany, Austria, France, The Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, and Hungary.

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