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Press Release: Supports Climate Strikes – An Urgent Call To Action!

Press Release: supports climate strikes – an urgent call to action!

Brussels, 20 September 2019: Young people all over the world demand immediate and appropriate actions to reach to meet the 1.5 ° C target of the Paris Climate Agreement and global climate justice. Many entrepreneurs have joined the movement and support #FridaysForFuture’s urgent call to action. is fully supporting them.

More than 3.200 Entrepreneurs have already signed the petition of #EntrepreneursForFuture, an initiative of our German member UnternehmensGrün. Many will actively participate in the climate strikes this Friday, asking for policies to support the transition to a sustainable and circular economy. EntrepreneursForFuture want to do business and protect the climate at the same time. From their everyday business activities our entrepreneurs know that this is possible., the European sustainable business federation, together with its member organisations fully supports #EntrepreneursForFuture as part of the #FridaysForFuture movement. “The young people that are going on strike worldwide for ambitious targets to prevent climate change have our respect and our fullest support”, says Manfred Mühlberger, chairman of  “We call on all responsible entrepreneurs to sign the #EntrepreneursForFuture petition and take part in the Europe-wide climate strikes”, adds Arthur ten Wolde,’s executive director.

#EntrepreneursForFuture supports the Paris agreement and demands an effective CO2-pricing mechanism for all sectors, speeding up the energy, transport and agricultural revolution, divestment and elimination of subsidies that damage the climate by 2025, creating a circular economy, a climate innovation fund, and an ambitious climate protection law to decarbonise the economy and meet the 1.5° C target.

The full #EntrepreneursForFuture statement is available for signing at:

ABOUT THE AUTHOR – ECOPRENEUR.EU sets a course toward sustainable economic policies on the European level to support the economic and societal transformation across Europe and beyond. aims at opening solidified structures and brings sustainable matters to European policy makers. Ecopreneur is a non-profit non-governmental organisation that now holds six associations from different member states. Together they represent over 3000 green businesses, mostly SMEs.

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For more information please contact Arthur ten Wolde, Executive Directive for at, +31 6 1319 6238

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