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“Right-to-Repair” Must Apply For The Broadest Range Of Products

“Right-to-Repair” must apply for the broadest range of products

In our position paper on the EU Directive on Sustainable Consumption of Goods Promoting Repair and Reuse, also know as “Right to Repair”, supports the European Commission’s initiative to extend the lifetime of consumer products through improved quality and ease of repair while promoting the purchase of second-hand and refurbished goods.

Building on the announced minimum requirements for sustainable product design, an ambitious regulatory framework for promoting the repair and reuse for the broadest possible range of consumer products would support manufactur­ers and consumers in the transition to a low-carbon, circular and fair economy.

In our paper, we share the Commission’s view that the “Right to Repair” Initiative would prompt producers to design goods that last longer and are easily repairable, thereby preventing premature production of new products, postpon­ing waste, creating additional jobs, reducing the negative impact from unsustainable consumption on the global environment and climate, thereby contributing to the tran­sition to a low-carbon circular economy.

We therefore demand an ambitious new law that clearly prioritises repair over replacement, obliging producers or sellers to repair goods beyond the legal guarantee period, extend the legal guarantee period beyond the current minimum, and enable sellers to replace defective products with refurbished goods and not new ones.

Read our full position paper HERE.

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