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Successful ECESP Meeting In The European Parliament

Successful ECESP Meeting in the European Parliament

Brussels, 29 January 2020. This morning, attended a Circular Economy Breakfast in the European Parliament as a member of the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Platform (ECESP) Coordination Group. 

It was a pleasure being part of this ECESP event hosted by 3 MEPs. Our company partners MVO Nederland and HUMANA Kleidersammlung also participated. Stakeholders from civil society, business and policy had an open dialogue and discussed three crucial elements to create a new economy: Economic Incentives (pricing), Transparency (on producer and consumer side) and Just Transition Mechanisms.

It is really hopeful to see policy speeding up like never before. The main question that came forward was: how can we implement concrete measures to realise the European Green Deal with a low-carbon circular economy? For instance, circular hubs (public-private-partnerships), strengthening green SMEs and enhancing collaboration, were mentioned as a powerful enabler for this. We need action on the ground to gather support for a new economy framework, with additional targets, milestones and alignment of legislation across Europe.

More detailed recommendations and successful examples at the country level can be found in’s recent Circular Economy Update 2019 report. In addition, our well-received report “Circular Fashion Advocacy” about a creating circular textiles industry presents five policy pillars can serve as a starting point for other sectors.

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