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SMEs On Stage At The Plastic Free World Conference 2020 And Facebook Event: Creating The Right Framework For Circular Models

SMEs on stage at the Plastic Free World Conference 2020 and facebook event: Creating the right framework for circular models

An unexpected opportunity that the Covid-19 pandemic is offering SMEs is to get them involved in meetings: While they normally lack the time to travel, meetings are now held online. This includes conferences.

Making best use of this opportunity, invited two front-running SMEs – VANHULLEY and LEBENSKLEIDUNG – to a panel debate about sustainable textiles and circularity at the 2020 Plastic Free World online conference on November 9-10. Together, we discussed with H&M and Euratex on various topics, including government policies.

All partners agreed that the textile industry needs a new policy framework that provides a level playing field for circular and sustainable business models to promote eco-design, reuse, rental and circular recycling models.

Click on the video to watch the full discussion.

At another conference organised by facebook on doing circular and digital business in times of Covid-19, our SMEs ISATIO and REPROCOVER participated in a session on doing sustainable business. A brief video message for MEPs on the outcome can be viewed here.

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