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Meet The Finalists Of The Green Alley Award 2021

Meet the finalists of the Green Alley Award 2021

The Green Alley Award is the first European contest to boost innovations around circularity, sustainable resources management and systematic “waste” reduction – from new products to services and technologies. It is designed for green startups based in Europe that are no older than 5 years and still in their early growth stages.

Aiming at doing away with conventional “take, make, dispose” schemes, these trailblazers focus on waste prevention and recycling models, often in combination with digital technologies.

This year, the six finalist who made it to the finish line are from Germany, Sweden and Switzerland, including Carbonauten (biomaterials), Dimpora (textile membranes), Kleiderly (clothes’ recycling) , Resync (recycling tec), Traceless (bioplastic), and Trustrace (AI tracking platform).

Due to the current pandemic, the 7th edition of the Green Alley Award ceremony will take place online on April 22, 2021 at 17:00 CET.

Register for free, take a look at the six finalists and get inspired by their circular economy solutions HERE

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