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The book “CIRCULAR ECONOMY – global debate, Brazilian learning” has been published (in Spanish) by Brazilian circular economy expert Beatriz Luz which includes a chapter by Arthur ten Wolde, Executive director of The book brings together articles from more than 30 circular economy experts, including “the greatest global authorities on the subject: Walter Stahel, Peter Gersen, Ladeja Godina, Freek van Eijk, Brendan Edgerton, Arthur ten Wolde, Alexandre Lemille, among others.”

It proposes a comprehensive and current reflection on the subject, considering the various elements necessary for the transition to a circular economy. It also shows the need for changes in values and attitudes, the importance of collaboration and highlights the Brazilian lessons learned over the last six years from the international exchange of knowledge at the Brazilian Circular Economy Center (NEC).

The Chapter written by provides the reader with an understanding of the work being done in the EU to promote the transition, especially concerning government policies, from the perspective of sustainable SMEs.

The book ECONOMIA CIRCULAR – debate global, aprendizado brasileiro can not be ordered any more.

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