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Appeal To The Portuguese EU Presidency: Now Is The Time To Support Green SMEs

Appeal to the Portuguese EU Presidency: Now is the time to support green SMEs

In a letter sent to Prime Minister António Costa, the European Sustainable Business Federation calls on the forthcoming Portuguese Presidency of the EU Council to support SMEs in their transition towards a low-carbon circular economy by making best use of the EU budget and NextGenerationEU recovery package.

According to, the Portuguese Presidency should give priority to the following key measures:

  • Apply green conditions to 100% of EU funding via NextGenerationEU;
  • Strengthen the role of SMEs by supporting the implementation of regional “Circular Acceleration Houses” throughout the EU; and
  • Implement strong economic incentives, including a carbon border adjustment mechanism, green and circular procurement, extended producer responsibility, and a tax shift from labour to resources.

Read the full letter HERE.

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