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Brussels –, the European Sustainable Business Federation, welcomes the European Commission’s Sustainable Products Initiative, but stresses the need for additional measures including mandatory LCAs, economic incentives and regional “circular acceleration” hubs. welcomes the European Green Deal, the Circular Economy Action Plan and, as part of that, the Sustainable Products Initiative. We fully recognise the identified market and regulatory failures including the lack of transparency throughout value chains. We share the ambitious goals including digital passports, new product sustainability principles and banning the destruction of unsold durable goods. therefore advocates swift implementation.

Most of all, we welcome widening the scope of the Ecodesign Directive beyond energy related products. Minimum requirements for circular design should be implemented for all end products and services using horizontal measures or existing product regulations when possible.

However, we also stress the need for additional measures because the proposed policies are insufficient to meet the goals. advocates to let all companies perform a mandatory gate-to-gate Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). Revolutionary green products and services should serve as ambitious new standards.

In this context we also stress the importance of implementing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) schemes with eco-modulation of fees in all waste-intensive sectors, and an effective carbon border adjustment mechanism. Finally, to ensure that companies can meet new product requirements, also advocates a separate action to create “Circular Acceleration Hubs” in all EU regions.

Click here for the full feedback on the Public Consultation from the European Commission on the Sustainable Products Initiative and here for a pdf. A German version of this news item is here.

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