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Circularity Check: Role of WeSustain and Circular Future

The Circularity Check was co-created with two companies from the network of Ecopreneur: WeSustain and Circular Future. These companies are social enterprises: they apply commercial strategies to maximize improvements in financial, social and environmental well-being. For them, the Circularity Check is a social project with Ecopreneur.

In 2017, Arthur ten Wolde worked on the development of the checklist as part of his ongoing work as Circular Economy Expert for Ecopreneur and MVO Nederland (previously De Groene Zaak) since 2014. In 2018, his one-person company Circular Future conducted a further pilot to test the Circularity Check in a project for the Dutch Province of Friesland. Circular Future would be interested to do consultancy work for users of the Circularity Check that falls outside the scope of Ecopreneur and MVO Nederland, such as advising them on their circularity strategy.

In 2018, WeSustain has implemented the Circularity Check for free into the current online version. WeSustain is a German SME that develops software solutions for sustainability management, and a company partner of MVO Nederland. The current version of the Circularity Check is a pilot that runs until 1 March 2018. It is, for now, hosted on the website of WeSustain. WeSustain is interested in the Circularity Check for its potential to attract attention, and in adding extra, paid services to it after the pilot.

Together, Ecopreneur, MVO Nederland, Circular Future and WeSustain are currently investigating possibilities for a cost and funding model for continuing the Circularity Check after the pilot so that the current basic functions remain available for free.

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