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See below for more position papers and here for our reports


Nature Restoration Law

July 12, 2023

To revert the current trend of nature loss, Europe needs to invest in large-scale nature restoration.

Co-signed business statements: CLG letter and WWF letter

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Waste Framework Directive

August, 9th, 2022

The new EU Waste Framework Directive (WFD) must boost circular design, durability, reuse and recyclability

News item and PDF download: Position on WFD revision


Sustainable Corporate Governance

May 23rd, 2022

Sustainable businesses demand mandatory due diligence on human rights and environment for all companies.

News item and PDF Download: Position paper


Carbon pricing

April 12th, 2022

Additional measures for carbon pricing are needed to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon economy. It should reflect the true cost of climate impacts.

News item and PDF Download: Position paper

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Economic incentives

May, 2023

Economic incentives play a crucial role in steering market demand towards circular choices by including external costs along the value chain in the price.

2023 news item and 2022 position paper

2020 ECESP Orientation paper


Right to repair

April 4th, 2022

EU Right-to-repair regulation must be ambitious and apply for broadest range of products.

Download PDF: Position paper


Chemical Recycling

December 14th, 2021

Limit EU support for chemical recycling to applications meeting 6 conditions including being net-CO2 positive.

Download PDF: Position paper


Circularity hubs

September 10th, 2020

Green recovery in Europe can be considerably accelerated by setting up circular acceleration houses in all EU regions to support sustainable SMEs. 

Download PDF: Position paper

Photo nuclear power plant

Sustainable Finance: gas & nuclear

November, 12th 2021

Don’t label natural gas and nuclear as sustainable investments in the EU Sustainable Finance Taxonomy.

News item and PDF download: Position



Sustainable Finance: scope

September, 29th 2021

EU taxonomy for sustainable investments must recognise green businesses and extend the scope.

News item and PDF download: Position

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Sustainable Finance: social

September, 14th 2021

A European social taxonomy should include social aspects in a multi cycle value chain. 

News item and PDF Download: Position

Photo: Slovenian Minister of Finance Andrej Šircelj (right) with European Commissioner for Finance Mairead McGuinness


December 9th, 2021

The updated EU VAT rules are a positive step, but low rates for many more sustainable products and services are urgently needed.

News item: Response to VAT reform 2021

Download PDF: Position paper (2018)


Waste management: landfilling & incineration

November, 17th, 2021

Pursue an EU-wide ban on landfill for non-pre-treated municipal waste by 2030 and move away from incineration.

News item and PDF download: Position on landfilling

News item: Position on waste incineration (2018)


Carbon Border Levy

November, 12th, 2021

Expand the scope of the planned CBAM from to all industry sectors, products and services that suffer from unfair competition

News item and PDF Download: Position

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SMEs & Industrial policy

September, 30th 2021

Sustainable SME’s hold the key to the circular Economy but economic reform is needed for them to grow.

Download PDF: Position paper


Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR)

December 2017

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) should be improved, extended, harmonised and include eco-modulation of fees

Download PDF: Position paper


Sustainable Products

June 7, 2021

The Sustainable Product Initiative is highly welcomed but needs to support SMEs switching to circular models.

Download PDF: Position Paper


Sustainable reporting

July 7, 2023

Uphold the ambitious nature of the reporting standards as proposed by the European Financial Reporting Advisory Group

2023 News item and PDF download: Position


Social Economy

April, 27th 2021

The European action plan for social economy should reflect convergence with “green”

News item and PDF download: Position



June 7, 2021

Prevent substances of very high concern (SVHC) from being used in products on the EU market.

News item and PDF Download: Position


Taxation (see also VAT)

January, 14th 2019

Taxation reform is crucial to foster delivering sustainable products and services based on True Pricing.

News item: Position

Ce countries report FRONT page cropped

Circular Economy

We advocate accelerated implementation of strengthened EU and member states circular economy policies with measures that really foster and mainstream circular business models.

See our position.

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Textiles and Fashion: non-EU countries

Feb, 27th, 2020

More research is needed to confirm a positive overall impact of future EU circular fashion on supplying non-EU countries.

Download PDF: Research Note


Textile Strategy

February, 1st 2021

Bold policies are needed to support SMEs with circular models in the textile sector.

News item and PDF Download: Position

CFA report front page

Textile and Fashion Policy

March, 28th, 2019

Bold policies are needed to mainstream sustainable fashion.

Download PDF: Report


Packaging waste

May 23rd, 2023

Sustainable plastics recycling relies on transparent recycled content claims

PDF Download: Position Paper

Earlier input:

Feedback on 2022 Commission proposal 

Feedback on 2021 Public consultation

Image courtesy to Changing Markets Foundation

Green claims

May, 31st 2022

The European Commission’s consumer protection initiative is an important step to unmask and inhibit deliberate false claims and early obsolescence practices.

News item and PDF Download: Position


Recovery Plan

December 18th, 2020

Support SMEs in their transition towards a low-carbon circular economy by making best use of the EU budget and NextGenerationEU recovery package.

Download PDF: Letter to EU Presidency

2020 CEAP front page

Circular Economy Action Plan

March 26, 2020

The main challenge will be to translate these ambitions into implemented measures able to achieve them.

News item and PDF Download: Position

EcoP 2019 CE Countries Update report FINAL FRONT PAGE

Circular Economy in Member States

September, 2nd 2019

Member states are key to create an enabling policy framework that substantially supports companies to switch to circular business models.

Download PDF: Report

Ecopreneur Belgium LOGO

European Green Deal

December, 10 2019

We urge the EU for ambitious implementation of the European Green Deal and Circular Economy Action Plan.

News item and PDF Download: Position


Sustainable Development Goals

November, 15th 2019

There is a need for companies to make the SDGs more directly actionable and measurable in terms of impact, and for governments to implement economic incentives.

See our overall Position, news item and PDF Download: Position paper


23 January, 2019

To increase transparency, the circularity needs to be reflected in the price of end products and in public procurement.

News item and PDF Downloads: Position


Plastics Strategy

February, 19th 2018

We welcome the EU Plastics Strategy but it requires ambitious implementation.

Download PDF: Position Paper


Single-Use Plastics

December, 21st 2018 welcomes new directive for single-use plastics, but much more is needed to reduce plastic waste.

News item and PDF Download: Position

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